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Antivirus & Network Security


Data protection, Data security, keeping the internet secure, is one of the major concerns of any business. These days when access to data and network is easily accessible, it becomes very important for one to keep the data and network protected. Even a little ignorance can lead to major setback. Network servers are quite vulnerable and can be hampered easily if not kept secured. Breach of network security is increasing day by day and protecting it becomes the major responsibility for a business owner.

At Zaah Computers we excel in Antivirus and Network Security supports, our core IT team is best in delivering excellent results when it comes to securing networks. Our friendly experts would not only explain the benefits of Antivirus and Network security plans but would also happily customize a personalized solution program. We take pride in our commitment and services.

Network Security is the backbone of any industry, slightest of error can lead to major defaults. We specialize in providing smooth operation of any network so that our customer’s data can be secured. Our Antivirus support is one of the best and provides excellent results. We have a 24 x 7 support team which works round the clock to serve our customers at any given day. Our experts would help our customer’s set up and protect devices like PC’s, Smartphones, Mac’s etc. Issues like speeding up slow computers, removing viruses and troubleshooting errors are our forte.

Our core team safeguards the network with the help of UTM (Unified Threat Management) or USM (Unified Security Management) solution. This solution works as a complete defense mechanism for any particular network. This turns the traditional firewall into a complete security product which is able to perform multiple functions like: Network Firewalling, Gateway Antivirus, Load Balancing, Content Filtering, Data Loss Prevention and Anti Spam etc.

The Antivirus and network security solutions that we provide give you complete peace of mind, as it protects the data at your workplaces. Our network security solution monitors incoming & outgoing traffic, protection against Trojans, filtering Social Networking sites, Job Sites, filtering downloads, specific contents etc.

Our network security and antivirus solutions are different for Home, Small and Large businesses. We have customized packages for each, at exceptionally pocket friendly cost. We take immense care of our customers’ needs and cater to their demands. Zaah Computers is one of UAE’s leading internet security companies. Our team is well equipped and highly efficient, with a motto of “Delivering what we commit”. We ace at our performances. Our services are 24 x 7, which includes home and office visits, we also provide Out Of Hours services for various installations. We strive for customer satisfaction and go extra mile to provide our customers the best of services.

Zaah Computers is well known for delivering quality within the turnaround time, apart from Antivirus and Network Security Solutions we have other products and services which our customers can avail from us easily. All products and services can be customized as per needs. We have always been consistent in our work and we work hard to make sure that the legacy continues.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]