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Server & Storage Support


Paranoid about data storage? Impact of failing servers haunts you? Well yes, failing servers and shortage of storage space can definitely impact your business in fact it can be devastating. An expansion in your business would demand extra spaces for data storage and not fulfilling it would potentially affect the users, employees and customers. At Zaah Computers we understand the need of Servers and Storage spaces and provide scalable, efficient and effective storage solutions that will increase your productivity and efficiency at a nominal cost.


Our Support and services ensure that you have a contingency plan in place. Whether your company is in startup mode, small- medium or a large business house we cater to all. We have different solution for different needs. Our services cover all major manufacturers including Dell, HP, IBM and Oracle with flexibility of fix times. Our leading storage system can solve your immediate storage challenges and accelerate your IT growth. Our storage solutions can be customized as per our clients’ needs.


Our servers are powerful, affordable network engines that are highly reliable and scalable. We provide high range of storage solutions that have reliable back up, data protection and easy consolidation . Our centralized storage solution allows you an efficient use of storage since all servers can be accessed from the same pool of storage space which would be beneficial for your business as it would lead to high performance, efficient use of storage resources and manageability.We have a team of IT professional with extensive experience in the field of installation and maintenance of such storage solutions.

Following are the servers and storage system that we deal with:




Blades and

High Density



Direct Attached Storage (DAS) – Most common storage solution used with a low cost.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) – Most common storage solution for small and medium business

Storage Area Networks (SAN) – Most comprehensive storage centralized storage solution.


Along with installation of servers and storage we also offer data backup solution so that at any given point if your data is removed from the server due to any technical fault or virus your data would stay secure and handy. We prioritize in getting your business operational quickly, and to do that we also involve in installing a replacement server if required during our onsite visit. At times replacement or fixing the fault doesn’t help right away, therefore we re-install, restore data whenever required so that you are up and running shortly.


Our products and services are not only user and pocket friendly but also give you the benefits such as faster data access, reduced business risk, increased productivity and efficiency, low cost of installation, easy maintenance and administration, increased return on IT investment by extended the life of existing equipment, reliable scalable data backup. We value our customers and work round the clock to give them unmatchable support; we take pride in being the most customer centric IT support provider companies of UAE. We are there at your service 24 x 7, 365 days.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]