Virtualization Solutions


VMware Virtualization 

Simplify your IT infrastructure with proven virtualization solutions built on VMware vSphere with Operations Management, the industry’s leading virtualization and cloud management platform.

VMware virtualization helps you to reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and reduce operating expenses through automation, while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.


10 great reasons why you should be move into the server virtualization with both feet.

  1. Save energy, go green
  2. Reduce the data center footprint
  3. Faster server provisioning
  4. Reduce hardware vendor lock-in
  5. Increase uptime
  6. Improve disaster recovery
  7. Isolate applications
  8. Extend the life of older applications
  9. Help move things to the cloud
  10. Centralization

Consolidate and Migration the Physical servers to virtual Environment
Analyze the workload of existing physical server and migrate them to Virtual environment without down time or with less downtime to Vmware Vsphere

Disaster Recovery Solution on Virtualization Environment
Create Disaster recovery solution for existing VM infrastructure with Vmware Site recovery manager
Deliver security solution on Virtualization to protect Virtual layer
To protect the Virtual machine and on hyper visor level we use Vshild solution.

Backup solution for Virtual Environment
To take the backup from existing VM infrastructure, we use the latest technology like Veeam backup software, for both Vsphere and Hyper V. Restoration of this technology is very fast and can be implemented in few minutes only.